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₦300,000 ($500)

Pay your tuition upfront

₦310,000 ($518)

Three monthly payments of ₦104k ($173)

₦322,500 ($538)

Six monthly payments of ₦53,750 ($89)

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At the end of the course, you will have:


Knowledge of new techniques to take your coding to the next level


A portfolio of sophisticated tech projects


A finished, working product built by you


Fundamental skills essential for a successful career in tech


Connections that matter in your career journey


A chance to demo your product in front of an audience of top technology companies who are eager for talent like yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Seamfix?

We are a software development company with over a decade of experience in training problem solvers, and building mission-critical solutions that empower organizations.

What is the aim of Seamfix NextGen?

The program is designed to equip entry-level techies with the skills required for a successful career in technology, especially software and product development. The program emphasizes technical skills but also exposes participants to marketable soft skills.

Are all the classes online or in-person?

The classes and workshops are fully online. However, every learner will have access to live classes, facilitators, mentors and learning tribes.

How many cohorts a year?

There are 2 cohorts a year. Each cohort has a 6 months duration

Who should participate in Seamfix NextGen?

This program is for anyone interested in building a career in tech

Is there an initial assessment?

Yes, there is a baseline aptitude assessment. After your application, you would be redirected to take a 20 minutes assessment measuring your verbal reasoning, math/logic and spatial pattern recognition. You will only have two attempts to pass this 20 minute assessment, so please read the instructions carefully.

What are the requirements/qualifications to join the program?

The admission requirements include:

  • A willingness to learn and passion to build a career in tech.
  • Commitment to the learning journey— this should reflect in the things you have done prior to your application. 
  • A basic understanding of your preferred learning path.
  • Passing the initial assessment.
  • Availability for 6 months starting from July.
  • Having a laptop, steady internet connection, and a place where you can concentrate.
What does the program cover in terms of tech skills?

The program will cover 3 learning tracks and a bonus for every learner.

  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • Product Design

Low Code Engineering: This is a very interesting and exciting add-on that we are bringing to our program! Once you have completed the training for your selected learning path, we would give you access to this training as a bonus! Low Code is the future of Software development and there is no better time to learn about it.

What is the cost of the training and payment options?

There is an application fee of N5,999 for early registration and N7,999 for late registration. The tuition is 300,000 Naira and you can reach out to us to learn more about installmental payment options.

Will there be a certificate upon completion?

Yes, certificates will be issued.

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